If Ideasforward 24hr Architecture Competition  -  3rd place

Team: Michelle Yan, Sunny Wang




Based on the idea that all we see are mere projections created within us, the perception of reality varies from person to person depending on the individual experiences of each. At some point in our life we have to choose a path, make a choice, follow the instinct: Blue or red, reality or illusion.

You are in Times Square, what you see may not be what you think it is, influenced by light, time, or space. Follow your instinct and draw your perception of reality.


170708_MATRIX BOARD.jpg


Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 10.45.20 PM.png

Jury summary

“A burst of color, which was immediately attractive and supported by clear narrative and text. Strong graphics and well structured submission, indication both and architectural and artistic sensibility."

- Alan Dunlop, Arq.

"The narrative induces to reflection. The image impacts with its complex composition. Each piece of its components fusions despite the fact that it do not lose its individual characteristic. Intricate elements generate visual distortion that cause optical illusion which turns the decodification of the image became complex. Geometric shapes with bright colors into different directions produce optical illusion of movements making random ways into several directions that reinforce the labrynith discourse.

- Sebastian Martinez, arq.