Insights of Life


There are always some intriguing daily life problems that make you laugh or frown. Some of them are closely tied to usability and open windows for better user experience design. UX does not only live on screen, but in your room, on your way to work, right around the coffee shop...



Consistency is so important that if it is not done right - the description of information is not consistently presented, user will definitely got lost, spending long time trying to figure out what they mean and most likely give up in the middle.



User research and empathy of user cases are very important. Mis-locating of information/features prevent users from exploring the app.



Do not use the wrong tool to try to achieve your goal. Giving wrong "button" or "entry" or wrong design feature, user may never reach their goal without extra notice.



Great example of information hierarchy and data visualization. A format that smartly organized brands and type of paint and their advantages and disadvantages so client can find out what they want immediately.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 1.02.39 PM.png


The pricing of on board wifi shown on ANA's webpage is not clickable. It is quite distracting when they are designed to look like buttons of options to choose from, but instead, they are not leading anywhere. The blue button underneath will lead to a new page where these 3 options are presented again with sign in section.

An extra step is added before user's final goal -- to choose a wifi plan. It slows down the process and confuses user. These can easily be turn into clickable button and direct use to sign up page after clicking.

Then, an additional sign in/ log in button underneath option for paid customer is clear enough.



Not enough empathy on user and their use cases.