b. 1986, HK.


As a former architecture designer and current product designer, I constantly find similarity and relation between these two. While there are characteristic they share — both is designed for people to use, both care about “user flow” /” circulation, both involves artistic requirement when basic needs are fulfilled, there are also interesting differences — Tech industry moves way faster, user groups is often larger, the ability of tech product to evolve and refine. These features made “envisioning the product” possible with a group of multi-disciplinary talents — to envision the future of product, to create new possibility, to provide different perspective, opportunities and platform for people to gain better access to information and resources. This has become my biggest motivation of design.



Grab I Product Designer

Trust, Identity and Safety I  May 2019 - Present

Work with design team of Trust, Identity and Safety, I took part in overseeing the design of identity and safety feature in all Grab product to ensure a safer and more trustworthy experience for grab user, while try to reduce the crime metric happening on platform in South East Asia. Daily job including discuss product strategy with product team (Mainly product manager and engineers). Establish design strategy through a discover process of research, workshop and test. Execute design including information architecture, user flows, user stories, user journeys, wireframes and high fidelity prototype. Frequently conduct user research and usability testing to facilitate design decision making.

Microsoft I UX / UI Designer

Bing I  May 2018 -Apr 2019

Work with Bing Map team and social team on local search and social management for various platform including desktop, tablet and mobile. Creating experiences including local entity search result; restaurant, hotel and real estate filtering and booking; travel guide and itinerary; map/search-result interaction, a platform interaction.Responsible of product information architecture, user flow, framework design, visual design, wire-framing and prototyping. Work closely and collaboratively with design team and product manager on concept development; work directly with engineer with redlining and bug bashing.

Freelance Designer I UX / UI Designer

Danker I  Feb 2018- Present

Lead Designer of team of two on news/video content platform mobile application. Work closely with product manager and UI designer on end-to-end process, including branding, wireframe, illustration and testing.  

Titto  I  Dec 2014 - Oct 2015

Work as assistant UI designer for a mobile app based e-commerce startup. Responsible for graphic design and UI refinement based on UX designer's wireframe and strategies.

Various projects  I  2014 - 2018

Take full or partial responsibility designing website and mobile app from research to shipped product. Design process varies but includes

  • Conduct user interviews, construct personas, user journeys

  • Prioritizing strategies and product features through red routes diagram

  • Process flow chart and app workflow diagram

  • Layout wireframe and paper prototype and high fidelity prototype 

  • Visual design, Redlining and bug bashing

  • Perform usability test

HOK I Architectural Designer / Project Design Lead

August 2015 - March 2017

Nokia Sunnyvale Office Renovation ; Softchoice Seattle

Responsible of concept sketching, schematic design and drafting construction document while coordinate the design team, working directly with engineer consultant and general contrator.

Seatac Airport Cobus Terminal; WSU Planning, King County Children and Family Court Design, sketch and modeling concept and schematic design, drafting and working directly with consultant engineer.

CallisonRTKL I Architectural Designer / Project Lead

May 2013 - July 2015

Apple Store; Apple Store Prototype; Nordstrom retail; West Elm retail.

Responsible of providing schemetic design and drafting construction document. Working directly with client and engineer consultant. International project coordination with general contractor.